Los Cabos International Film Festival Will Celebrate a memorable 7th edition

 From the 7th to the 11th Of November 2018

Los Cabos Internatinal Film Festival  is the only space throughout the American continent that promotes cultural and commercial exchange, and dialogue between the North American film industry and the rest of the world; with every new edition, it seeks to captivate its audience with a compelling program, through an international curatorship that screens some of the most acclaimed films from the most important festivals worldwide, and through a film selection which gives a voice to the new generation of Mexican filmmakers. 

On the other hand, Los Cabos International Film Festival platform industry is designed so that Mexican, American and Canadian cinema may showcase their films throughout the world, by means of three lines of action: the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund or GFFF, a selection of film and television projects, both in development and postproduction stages that seeks to promote business opportunities to insure their completion, by fostering relationships between North-American film industries; Gabriel Figueroa Meetings, a forum of one-on-one encounters between the selected film and TV projects participating in the different sections of GFFF, as well as an exclusive delegation of international industry guests; and Los Cabos Meet Mart, a space that works as a meeting point and a business center for the film professionals present at the festival. 

These are some of the films to receive an award since the creation of the GFFF, six years ago: Tempestad (Dir. Tatiana Huezo), film chosen by the AMACC to represent Mexico at the 2017 Oscars; Clases de historia (Dir. Marcelino Islas), which premiered at the 2018 Tokyo International Film Festival; Rush Hour (Dir. Luciana Kaplan), which was released in theaters in October 2018; Cómprame un revólver (Dir. Julio Hernández Cordón), screened during the 2018 Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes; Los adioses (Dir. Natalia Beristain), released in the whole of Mexico in 2018, with excellent reviews; La caída (Dir. David Pablos), a film produced by the renowned actress Karla Souza; La camarista (Dir. Lila Avilés), which premiered at San Sebastián Film Festival; Bayoneta (Dir. Kyzza Terrazas), an eagerly awaited film which will hit the screens this month, amongst others.


To insure the making and increase the visibility of our Mexican films, the Festival upholds partnerships with international institutions and festivals such as Tribeca Film Institute, Marché du Film at Cannes and Sodec, Telefilm Canada and the Independent Filmmaker Project NY, all of which select new projects every year, via the Festival, to showcase on their own financing, development and promotional platforms.

These are the 21 projects chosen to participate in Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund, during the 2018 Festival:

GFFF- Film in development:


Molar City / Dir. Santiago Fábregas / Prod. Gabriel Stavenhagen / Mexico Estado del imperio / Dir. Amat Escalante / Prod. Nicolás Celis, Fernanda de la Peza / Mexico The Hole in the Fence / Dir. Joaquín del Paso / Prod. Fernanda de la Peza, Joaquín del Paso / Mexico / chosen in partnership with MICA Neza / Dir. Julio Hernández Cordón / Prod. Rafael Ley, Rodrigo S. González, María José Córdova / Mexico Ona sur / Dir. Begoña Colomar / Prod. Joseph Mastantuono, Gabriela Gavica Marrufo / Mexico-United States Sangría / Dir. Pablo Agüero / Prod. Julia Cherrier, Thierry Lounas / Mexico-France Viaje al país de los tarahumaras / Dir. Federico Cecchetti / Prod. Edher Campos / Mexico-France-Canada.

United States and Canada

The Gymnast / Dir. Charlotte Glynn / Prod. Michael Harrop, Brian Koppelman, David Levien / United States / Chosen in partnership with Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) In cold light / Dir. Maxime Giroux / Prod. Mike MacMillan, Yanick Lètorneau / Canada Milk / Dir. Gabriella Moses / Prod. Martisse Hill, Julius Pryor, Shruti Ganguly / Estado Unidos-Ecuador / Chosen in partnership with Tribeca Film Institute Saint Cabron / Dir. Bruce Labruce / Prod. Nicolas Comeau, Jurguen Bruning / Canada-Germany

GFFF – Work In Progress:

Chèche Lavi / Dir. Samuel Ellison / Prod. Kyle Martin, Abraham Avila, Kim Parker, Rachel Cantave, Nora Mendis / Mexico-United States Ana’s Desire / Dir. Emilio Santoyo / Prod. Araceli Velázquez Silva, Valeria Ariñez Sanjines / Mexico

Days of Winter / Dir. Jaiziel Hernández Máynez / Prod. Raymundo Hernández, Daniel Cabello, Edgar Nito, Jaiziel Hernández Máynez / Mexico Labor / Dir. David Zonana / Prod. Michel Franco, Darío Yazbek Bernal / Mexico I’m no Longer Here / Dir. Fernando Frías / Prod. Alberto Muffelmann / Mexico

GFFF – TV Series in development:

The Devil’s Advocates / Prod. Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes, Mario Gutiérrez Vega / Mexico Angels of Death / Dir. Miguel Cohan / Prod. Hernán Musaluppi / Argentina Free Trade / Dir. Santiago Mohar Volkow / Prod. Juan Simons, / Mexico

Mario / Dir. Bernardo de la Rosa / Prod. Fernanda Gabenara, Alberto Muffelmann / Mexico

Versus / Dir. Raúl Cuesta / Prod. Gabriela Gavica Marrufo / Mexico

You can contribute towards the making of a new Mexican film!

In a bid to increase the incentives that, every year, allow for the completion of new Mexican films, Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund invites all our partners, participants and viewers to donate the sum of their choice and in doing so, help create the means for the production of a Mexican project. Information on how to donate will be available on the 1st of November at www.cabosfilmfestival.com